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Mole Removal

Moles, which appear in various sizes and shapes, are irregularities and dark spots on the skin. They may appear in your arms, chest areas, nose as well as any part of your face. While some moles go unnoticed, some are considered as beauty spots. However, they are bothersome and tend to pose health risks. Thus, people look up to mole removal to reduce health risks and enhance their appearance.

Sophia Brow House offers you the best possible services in Singapore when it comes to mole removal. We remove big moles as well as moles that are smaller in size. You will experience no pain with our mole removal method; just a stinging sensation. Don’t worry about marks, as our mole removal procedure does not result in scarring.

This method is highly beneficial, as you will be able to reduce skin irritation when your mole rubs against clothing or jewellery. You will also be able to remove protruding moles that prevent you from shaving. Ultimately, our service will help you obtain a smooth, clear skin, thus enhancing your appearance and improving your self-confidence. Moreover, you can also remove moles that you suspect of being pre-cancerous, thus preventing a major health risk.