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Eyelash Perming

Do you seek a gentle, upturned look for your eyelashes that offer them instant length and make them appear brighter? You have come to the perfect place, for we offer you optimal eyelash perming services in Singapore that enhance your appearance. With our perming services, you will get the shape you desire, without the hassles of using an eye-pinching curler.

How Does Eyelash Perming Work?

Don’t worry about the perming procedure, for it is far gentler than the use of curlers at home. We secure a mini-roller into your upper lashes. Our professionals, then, apply a mild gel solution. After sometime, we remove the solution and apply a neutralising solution. And that is it! Just check yourself in the mirror and take pride in your perfect eyelashes. Now all you have to do is make sure that your lashes are free from excessive water use for next 24 hours, as it may soften the perm.

Do not fret about perming hurting your natural lashes. As a matter of fact, perming prevents your original lashes from getting dry and brittle, thus keeping them healthy for weeks.