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Specializing in eyebrow embroidery and shaping
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    Creative Eyebrow - $580

    Our professional therapist will first design your eye brow shape to suit your overall facial features. The position of each stoke is determined by the shape of the eyebrow because every face shape will match a different set of eyebrows.

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    Eyebrow Embroidery - $150 – $250

    The embroidered eyebrow is a new generation of eyebrow tattoo. Because eyebrows tattoos look less natural, then the latest method to get a beautiful eyebrow shape is embroidered eyebrows. Eyebrow tattoos have other risks, such as making the face look older and can cause allergies due to the dye used. Eyebrow embroidery is the latest technique in the current beauty industry that can enhance the looks and thickness of your eyebrows.

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    Eyebrow Alteration - $380

    A simple procedure where anesthetic cream is applied to change the shape of your desired eyebrow to beautify the windows of your soul

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    Eyeliner Enhancement “ Up and Down $600 (last forever)

    This procedure is for one who does not want the distinctive look of fully made up eyes, but requires a more ‘natural enhancement’ of brighter and beautiful eyes.

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    Crystal Lip Enhancement - $880

    Lip enhancement: Lip enhancement is a non-surgical procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the lips by outlining to make your lips look fuller and thicker.

Brows are an important part of your face and that’s why I only go to the best. I’ve heard and seen too many horror stories of plucking gone wrong so it took some convincing for me before I tried it myself. Their experienced therapists and their eyebrows alone have convinced me that this eyebrow chain will not murder my brows to look thin and too arched.

Go for the thread and tweeze. They have this technique that makes your eyebrows 3D, where they trim every individual hair to fill the shape of your eyebrows and avoid plucking unless necessary. Eyebrows will look fuller and bushier.